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Ever wondered how much charity coin boxes make a year?

Well, the blue coin box in the shop at WHH has collected during 2014 a massive:


Thank you for your generosity to staff, visitors, patients and volunteers. Every penny counts…and every penny gets spent on buying new equipment for WHH.

If you know of a shop that would be happy to have a small coin box on their counter for us, please get in touch to Jill on 07854 033987 or by email on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Heartwarming Christmas Donation

We received a letter today with a cheque for £100. The accompanying letter said:

"We have decided to give to charities this year, instead of presents."

Thank you to Mr & Mrs F, (a Friends Member)


Christmas Raffle 2014

Our annual Christmas Raffle raised £185, details of the winning tickets are below. All winners have been contacted, so sorry if you didn't win!

Grand Prize    £300    ORANGE 12    Mills
1    Toblerone    ORANGE 93    Jack
2    Tower of Chocs/Wine    PINK 329    M Young
3    Swarovski Perfume    ORANGE 44    M Martin
4    Wine    ORANGE 84    Volunteer
5    Wine    BLUE 94    J Aldridge
6    Small ‘hamper’    PINK 241    E Milligan
7    Tea Bag Set    GREEN 266    E Cooper
8    White Candle    BLUE 7    S Heritage
9    Red Candle    PINK 321    M Wenham
10    No 7 Makeup    PINK 349    Mrs Horne
11    Candle    PINK 316    H Bucknell
12    All Gold    BLUE 104    L Swain
13    Dior Homme    BLUE 109    S Warmer
14    Measuring Cups    PINK 324    M Martin
15    Spoons    PINK 259    A Rouse
16    Choc Coins    PINK 301    A Ubaghs
17    Choc Coins    BLUE 23    Samantha
18    Choc Coins    PINK 230    Miss Harris
19    Fragrance set    ORANGE 88    Mr Hardy
20    Daisy Dream     GREEN 249    Werner
21    Knitted Toy and Wine    PINK 350    Joe
22    Giorgio Armani Si    BLUE 53    Mrs Pratt



With thanks to our customers, staff and visitors, Volunteers and Friends for providing the funds to pay for these important pieces of equipment for the benefit of patients and staff at WHH, this quarter.





Therapies, WHH

TV & Wall Bracket (for Joint Replacement School/Day Hospital)


Celia Blakey Centre, WHH

Blood Pressure Machine


Kings D, WHH

Sara Stedy Stand Aid


Gastroenterology, WHH

Fibroscan – for liver investigations


Opthalmology, WHH

Multi Spot Laser


Kings A2/B, WHH

Camera for Patient Wound Photography


Cardiac Catheter Suite, WHH

Chest Compression Device


William Harvey Hospital Site

Bench, Shelter and Wheelchairs


Total equipment price pledged approx: £187,000



Calling All Volunteers!

We need new Volunteers in the Friends/WHH Shop urgently!

We are particularly looking for people to fill a new vacant regular slot of the 4pm to 7pm Thursday shift. It would suit two friends or a couple - although single Volunteers please apply and you might make a new friend! You will receive full training but it is a fun and social way to spend a few hours helping raise money for the William Harvey Hospital.

Additionally we are looking for a bank of ad-hoc staff - ones we can call on for sickness and holiday cover.

If you are interested in Volunteering in the WHH Shop, please contact Darren in the WHH Shop on 01233 633331 or pop in to the shop and speak to the staff and pick up a Volunteer Pack.